About French Art & Vintage

French country style, brocante, vintage, antique, French industrial design – this is essentially what this shop is all about. If you are looking for Things with history, nostalgia and patina then this is where you will find it.

French Art & Vintage is for art lovers and people who like to decorate in the romantic French style mixed with a raw industrial look. In French Art & Vintage we love mixing modern art with old furniture and interior in the raw and romantic style.

All our items are unique objects which all has a history of their own. We do not sell look a likes or reproductions – only original and unique objects which for the most part has been found at markets, brocantes and merchants in France.
We have a special love for old industrial furniture like for instance Tolix chairs, Strafor and Roneo cabinets and Jielde lamps. We also love old wooden crates, tin cans, syphon seltzer bottles, enamel signs, apothecary glass bottles and fil de fer baskets etc. In other words, things that has had a function and tell a story, often through their function as commercial objects.
At the other end of the spectrum we have a special passion for modern art. The modern art combined with the old and raw industrial objects give that special style that we love.

French Art & Vintage is founded on the basis of more than 20 years of passion for art and beautiful old things. This long lasting passion combined with a French background in the form of a French mother and having lived in France has resulted in a good amount of local knowledge. We therefore know those special local markets and brocantes where only a few tourists come and have a lot of contacts to merchants that make us able to find those special and unique objects and sell them at favorable prices.